Theologische Hochschule Friedensau

Master of Theological Studies 

 (Biblical Studies)

Introducing  our  New

Master of Theological STudies

(Biblical Studies)

A perfect program for students wanting to dig deep into Biblical history and archeology and obtain German government accredited theological qualifications. A doctoral program, in collaboration with the University of Pretoria, is also offered.

Affordable and taught entirely in English, this Master level program teaches cultural anthropology, the Greco-Roman world, Ancient Near Eastern Archeology, and gives students an opportunity to go on a real archeological dig in the Middle East.  Students also gain an advanced knowledge of Second Temple Period literature with a leading professor in this field, and a strong skill set in both Old Testament and New Testament exegesis.

Contact Jan Sigvartsen PhD (in English) for more information or to start your application process today.   

Wait, there is More...

Students also visit important historical sites in Germany, the birthplace of Protestantism. The Theologische Hochschule Friedensau is a short drive from Magdeburg, the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the Thesis Church where Martin Luther started the Protestant movement, the Ringheiligtum Pommelte - Germany's 4,300 year old fully reconstructed Woodhenge, the Babylonian Ishtar Gates at the Pergamon Museum, and the world's largest collection of 1,000 year old Romanesque fortress churches that played a major role in the expansion of Christianity across Europe.

Masters programs at the Theologische Hochschule Friedensau, cost significantly less than other Master level programs in Europe, the USA, or Australia.

Dig and Explore

Our Archeology Dig & Tours

Join us for our bi-annual archeological dig at one of the largest Iron-Age Moabite dig-sites in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.  Our Institute of Biblical Studies and Archeology also offers guided tours of archeological sites and museums in both Germany and the Middle East every year.  Everyone is welcome to join us, and some tours can be taken for academic credit.   

Archeology Dig

Participate in a Moabite, Iron-Age Archeological dig, one of the largest in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with students from all around the world.

Middle East Tour

Visit sites like Petra, the ancient Roman city of Jerash, the Kerak Crusader Castle, the ancient Ammonite city (and current Jordanian capital) Amman, and the Dead Sea.

Reformation Tour

Visit important sites where Martin Luther started the Protestant movement, including the Thesis Church where he reportedly nailed his 95 Thesis.

Pergamon Tour

Visit the Pergamon Museum in Berlin and see a 360 degree, multi-story depiction of the city of Pergamon, one the seven churches mentioned in Revelation.

Gates of Babylon

See the actual gates of Babylon at the Pergamon Museum, Berlin.  Also see other important Ancient Near Eastern archeological installations.


Visit Ringheiligtum Pommelte, Germany's 4,300 year old Neolithic Woodhenge (similar to England's Stonehenge and Woodhenge).

Holy Roman Empire

Visit historic sites in Magdeburg and learn the history of the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire and how it clashed with Protestantism.  

Romanesque Road

Visit the 1,000 year old Romanesque fortress churches and discover the part they played in expanding and influencing modern Christianity.

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About the Theologische Hochschule Friedensau

Founded in 1899, the Theologische Hochschule Friedensau in Germany is the oldest Seventh-day Adventist university in Europe, and a fully government accredited member of the global Seventh-day Adventist educational system - one of the largest private educational systems in the world.  All professors have to meet the very high standards for teaching and publishing that is required by the German Government for all academics teaching at accredited universities in Germany.

A masters degree at Friedensau is almost half the price as a comparable degree at other Adventist owned Universities in the USA, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.   Living expenses are also significantly cheaper making it a cost effective place to obtain your accredited theological qualifications.  Masters and PhD programs are available at Friedensau in both English and German.